Virgo Hair Guide: Best Styles, Colors, & More

The fiery passion of Leo season has dimmed and we’ve now entered the more practical era of Virgo season. Now’s the best time to get grounded and create a plan for all the goals you hope to achieve by the end of the year. For all you Virgos out there, if that involves changing up your look, we’ve got you covered. Our Virgo hair guide takes you through the best haircuts, hair colors, hairstyles, and even hair accessories for your zodiac sign. Welcome your season in style!

Best Haircuts for a Virgo

As the analytical thinker you are, you can’t help but consider practicality in all aspects of your life—even when it comes to your haircut. You’re not one to fall for fads because you want something that stands the test of time. And something that doesn’t require too much effort styling-wise. These haircuts are sure to offer that, Virgo.

Blunt Bob

You know better than anyone how to get a point across in just a few words. Though often pointed in tone, you say what needs to be said. Your direct demeanor lends itself well to a blunt bob haircut for that exact reason.

One-Length Medium Cut

Blunt ends tend to be best for you, so if you want a cut that’s a little bit longer, opt for the one-length medium cut. This cut lends itself to a few more styling options and versatility than a shorter haircut would.

Subtle Layers

For those of you who aren’t as blunt, adding some subtle layers throughout your haircut can create some dimension and volume. Layers also offer a bit of romanticism and feminity, which most people forget are traits you’re known for too.


Short and sweet, the pixie exudes all of your best qualities. While you can be a bit abbreviated in the way you converse with people, you are always sure to add a bit of amiability to your delivery.

Best Hair Colors for a Virgo

Again, practicality is a huge consideration for your hair color. You want something that will last because even though you’re punctual with your salon appointments, there are times when you get too busy to make it in. The hair colors below all grow out well and stand up to your level of perfection, Virgo.

Barbie Blonde

Who has more perfect hair than Barbie? The icon has been inspiring people for ages with her hair color choices, so why not try on Barbie blonde for size? The color is a fairly bright platinum though it can be toned down a bit to better fit your hair color desires.

Lived-In Platinum

Because blonde feels so you (you are ruled by the maiden after all), we added another light hair color. Lived-in platinum is a more low-maintenance way to achieve bright blonde without all the fuss.

Sun-Kissed Brunette

Blondes don’t always have more fun. A sun-kissed brunette hue allows you to connect with your roots a bit more while still maintaining your glow. There’s something about this hair color that really does your earth sign justice.

Louis Vuitton Brown

So this color does require a bit more upkeep than the others on this list, but if you want to live up to your rich lifestyle fantasy, it’s totally worth it. Louis Vuitton brown is inspired by the hues of the Louis Vuitton bag—think a classic brunette with a pop of gold undertones.

Best Hairstyles for a Virgo

Your best-suited hairstyles, Virgo, are ones that ensure your hair is kept back when it needs to be. As an earth sign, you tend to be all about business sometimes so your strands should reflect that. With these hairstyles, they will.

Slicked-Back Ponytail

The slicked-back ponytail screams business—and maybe even party in the back, depending on how you style the pony portion.

Stick-Straight Hair

On days when you want your hair down to show off your cut and color, go with stick-straight hair. But do know that while you can straighten it to perfection, the elements may come into play. Embrace it! You are an earth sign, after all.

Ballerina Bun

With plenty of bun styles out there, the only bun that really makes sense for you is a classic ballerina bun. Ballerinas know better than any of us how to keep their hair in a pristine bun for hours on end. You can always jazz up this look with an accessory, too.

Braided Crown

A sweet braided crown really plays up your softer side. And, though we know you don’t care, it’s kind of pretty big on HairTok right now. At least this means there are a number of tutorials you can follow to ensure you get the look right.

Best Hair Accessories for a Virgo

Now that you know the best cut, color, and style, it’s time to finish off your look with some accessories. A few of these are tool recommendations, but it’s all the same.

Skinny Headband

You don’t need a giant padded headband to get your point across, Virgo. A simple skinny headband will help you accessorize without overdoing it. This Gold Carved Chaplet Headband from The Hair Edit feels very you.

Gold Carved Chaplet Headband from The Hair Edit
(Image Source:

Mini Claw Clips

The Kitsch Mini Classic Claw Clips will complement any hairstyle you choose to wear, Virgo. They’re also nowhere near as eye-catching as a regular claw clip so you won’t draw too much attention to yourself.

Kitsch Mini Classic Claw Clips | Mane Addicts
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Flat Iron

If you don’t already own a high-functioning flat iron, now is the time to invest. It is your birthday after all—treat yourself. The Dyson Corrale Straightener is a top-of-the-line option that really doesn’t have any competition—kind of like you.

Dyson Corrale Straightener | Mane Addicts
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Hair Gel

This isn’t exactly an accessory or even a hair tool, but it’s a hair product you definitely need, Virgo. With your insistence on perfection, a hair gel can ensure you keep all your hairs in place as you rush about your day. Sexy Hair’s Hard Up Hard Holding Gel will live up to your needs.

Sexy Hair's Hard Up Hard Holding Gel | Mane Addicts
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Virgo Hair Guide: The Best Cuts, Colors, & More for the Zodiac Sign