The 6 Fall 2022 Colors You’ll See Everywhere

“Experimenting with color is a risk worth taking,” says Shakaila Forbes-Bell (opens in new tab), a fashion psychologist and the author of Big Dress Energy: How Fashion Psychology Can Transform Your Wardrobe and Your Confidence (opens in new tab). “Color plays an essential role in our day-to-day lives,” she adds. 

Like all fashion trends,  (opens in new tab)from handbags  (opens in new tab)to shoes (opens in new tab) to jewelry (opens in new tab), color trends come and go. But color theory, a.k.a. the way certain colors make us feel, will always play a part in our routines. Fashion designers have long championed the power of colors on their catwalks: They can spark an entire fad by sending a drove of bold pink looks down the runway (we’re looking at you, Barbiecore (opens in new tab)).