People tell me I should hire security guards for my wedding after the stunt my mom pulled at my bridal shower

WEDDINGS are typically a time for friends and family of the soon-to-be weds to celebrate.

That said, it’s up to the bride or groom to decide who they want at their big day – and one frustrated woman has been advised to get security for her ceremony after what happened at her bridal shower.

A WOMAN has shared why she feels the need to hire security guards for her wedding


A WOMAN has shared why she feels the need to hire security guards for her wedding

Posting to a forum on Wedding Wire, the woman shared that she’d been having issues with her mom inviting her own friends to her wedding.

She made it “very clear” that her mother had a limit of six guests, which she had already chosen.

Despite this, her mom continued to bring up other friends who didn’t have invites that would apparently say “I haven’t received an invitation.”

Recently, the woman’s mom confronted her about her not being able to invite more of her friends to the wedding.

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She was also upset that her friends weren’t invited to the bridal shower.

The woman wrote: “This past weekend was my bridal shower. Prior to the shower, [my mom] asked me how come I didn’t invite any of her friends.

“I explained to her that the bridal shower is for the bride’s close friends and family only.

“Low and behold, she invited her friends anyways who walked in and then [got] up and left because they weren’t dressed properly (derby tea party theme) and they felt out of place.”

The woman asked users on the platform how she could avoid this happening at her wedding.

Overwhelmed by the entire matter, she added that she still has to verify if the venue has security.

People took to the comments section of the post to give some advice.

“If security isn’t included with your package, you’ll have to hire two to three guards yourself. Other than that, I don’t think there’s a way to prevent unwanted guests from entering,” one wrote.

A second suggested: “Have a guest list with staff to check people in. If they aren’t on the list they cannot enter. If you have a wedding planner, make sure they are aware of the situation and they should handle kicking people out.

“Also, I would assign seats (not just tables) for the dinner, so no unwanted guests have a place.”

A final user said: “If the venue doesn’t provide security, you should probably hire some to avoid your mom’s uninvited friends crashing.

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“I’d also tell your mom (regardless of whether you actually hire security) that there will be someone there checking names, escort cards will be handed out at check in to invited guests only, anyone uninvited will be turned away, and there won’t be an overflow table to accommodate anyone who you didn’t invite.

“Hopefully the shower was enough of a wake-up call for your mom that she needs to stop trying to invite people who aren’t actually invited.”